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“ All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination” — Earl Nightingale

This is the story of 20 yrs old Eva, an introverted and timid girl who lives with her parents and her dog, Sammy — her only companion from childhood.

Today is special and crucial. Eva hasn’t slept all night, and so her parents. Please Note:- Eva has failed two driving tests already and today is her last chance. Her parents want Eva to drive and not be scared of the world. And frankly, they are sick of dropping her everywhere, and it’s time for her to face her fears and open her own wings.

Eva reaches the driving school with her parents and Sammy. She looks at Sammy with puppy eyes to gain luck and strength. As she approaches the car with the instructor, she starts to panic. Her feet are stopping, but her body is moving forward. Her dad consoles her and, at the same time, drags her hand to move forward. Eva’s mother asks them to cancel the test, but her father forces her to complete one tough task.

Eva’s eyes are red; her heart is beating fast, drops of sweat flows down her face as the instructor gives her the key to sit in the car. Sammy takes the driving seat and gives one last look at Sammy.

Sammy tilts her head to give her a confident signal — to not fail again. Eva takes out the car from the parking lot and encourages herself saying “You can do this Eva”.

The instructor gives her a strange look and says :- “Can we move pls”.

Eva reaches the main road and turns right according to the instructor.

Her eyes saw many cars going here and there, honking all around, people arguing, eating, the noise of construction. She starts to panic and closes her eyes to which the instructor scolds her to open her eyes.“that’s the only requirement in driving” open your eyes he says. Eva opens her eyes and accelerates but could not stop fast enough and bangs the car.

“I can't do this”, Eva yells and opens the door leaving the car in the middle of the road. The instructor yells her to stop but couldn’t.


Eva is sitting, lost, sad on the dining table. Her parents are eating in silence. Eva knows that she has let her parents down, more importantly, she couldnt conquer her fear.

Dad:- We are going out with our friends for two three hour.

Mom:- You will be home with Sammy.

Dad:- You can stay alone, right ?

“Yes, dad, I can”, Eva leaves the dining table with Sammy with a disappointing walk. Her parents looked at each other with hopeless eyes and continued with their dinner.


Eva is playing fetch ball with Sammy. She throws the ball downstairs and directs Sammy to bring the ball. She is eagerly waiting for Sammy to come back. After waiting for five mins, she got suspicious and went downstairs to check. She saw Sammy unconscious on the floor, her eyes turn red and heart stops. She rushes to find her phone to reach her parents but unfortunately reaches their voice mail.

She tries to call emergency but couln’t connect.

Her memories with Sammy — “first day when she brought him home, teaching him to fetch, playing hide and seek with him” flashes in front of her eyes. She wipes her tears and picks up Sammy and puts him in the back seat of the car. There are numerous emotions going through her mind. She is scared as well as angry. Eva sits in driving seat puts on her seat belt as if she is getting ready for a war. She couldn't let Sammy be hurt and not try.

She starts driving but strong flash of light blinds her eyes forcing her immediately stop the car. She looks at Sammy, takes a deep breath and continue driving.

She struggles at every corner, blinds her eyes after every two mins, sweats with fear from head to toe, but she didn't stop. After a struggle of 40 mins,reaches the hospital.


Eva informs her parents while the doctor attends to Sammy. She is waiting on a cold bench when her parents reaches the hospital. There is complete silence in the corridor. Eva’s parents are worried and proud.

Her dad puts his hand on Eva’s head and says — “ Eva , we are proud of you and trust us, Sammy will be alright.”

Eva smiles with humble eyes.

“By the way, how did you manage driving without a license, you could go to jail or worse meet with an accident” , her dad adds.

Eva smiles, I dont care and I can drive now.

The doctor comes out and informs them about Sammy condition.

Doctor - “ Eva, good thinking to bring him here so fast.He will be take time and will recover fast.

Eva smiles and enjoys her moment of Conquered Fear.



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